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We offer a wide range of services to and can handle small scale projects up to large scale developments

Goodall Design has enormous experience working within a wide range of mediums worldwide, the case studies give a more in depth explanation of some of these projects.

Whether large or small the same level of attention is given to all projects ensuring an exciting outcome to all projects, always completed on time to our client’s satisfaction.

drupa 2016

“Landa achieves impossible dream”

  • client > landa
  • location > messe dusseldorf
  • date > may 2016

landa 8 landa 16 theatre landa 2 landa 2

Following the successful launch of Landa Nanographic Printing presses at Drupa 2012, it was necessary for Landa to show the market they had moved from concept to production. For Drupa 2016 their site was almost three times larger than 2012, they approach Goodall Design to once again design and produce their exhibit.

After many months of development with Landa and their many specialist consultants, a final design was agreed and the outcome was a major success; with 200,000 visitors to the stand, orders of 450,000,000 euros and enormous coverage by all of the trade presses.

The theatre was so successful that the 5 shows a day, each containing an audience of 350 was insufficient for the demand, the presentation was then shown on the many exterior monitors; completely filling the exterior space during these periods.As well as the theatre, the five presses made live demonstrations throughout the show.

Benny Landa was extremely pleased with Goodall Design’s contribution to their presentation, a copy of his testimonial to their efforts is shown below: -

‘I’ve worked with Ken for more than 25 years and I can testify with all of my heart that he is a true artist and a genius. His unlimited creativity and out-of-the-box thinking helped me launch two very successful companies - Indigo and Landa Digital Printing - with award-winning booth designs. In fact, Ken has done every one of my trade show booths - and there have been many. Each and every time
He delivered an unforgettable experience and created a profound emotional connection between the visitor and my company and its products. Ken’s trade show creations leave visitors breathless!

Ken’s unique capabilities go beyond the mere design, enhancing the company brand while paying attention to the endless details required for supporting such very complex projects as were ours over the years. Indeed, no challenge is too big for Ken and for every problem he will find an elegant solution.
I am very fortunate to have had Ken as my partner in this endeavour all these years and I fully expect that every trade show I ever do will be a Goodall Design creation, each more exciting than the last!’

Benny Landa
Chairman and Owner
Landa Digital Printing

GOODALLDesign – Landa achieves impossible dream

drupa 2012

landa – marketing triumph

  • client > landa
  • location > messe dusseldorf
  • date > may 2012

landa 8 landa 1 landa 2

Having worked with Benny Landa for many years during his ownership of Indigo, it was very exciting to be approach by him to work with his new company ‘Landa’, to launch their new and revolutionary printing presses at the forthcoming Drupa exhibition in Dusseldorf. In addition, Benny paid us the further compliment of asking us to design their new logo and corporate identity.

The presses are extremely high tech, with a large ten foot wide black glass touch screen to operate and control all stages of the production and a new nano ink technology. The logo and identity was therefore developed based on a black background and the printing process, giving a very striking image. The stand was divided into two areas. A theatre with seating for an audience of 300 and a sales arcade demonstrating a variety of five presses; both web and sheet.

landa 4 landa 5 landa 6 landa 7

The theatre presented five shows a day, the presentations were both informative and entertaining. This proved so popular, people needed to book three days in advance and ultimately the demand was so high the presentation was broadcast onto the large screen behind the reception to cover a greater audience. Between theatre presentations, visitors were taken on tours of the presses in the arcade, these tours highlighted the exciting new technology, each demonstration area had a large black glass display tower with plasmas concealed behind the glass and bold, brightly coloured graphics.

In addition there were two hospitality areas and 12 meeting rooms to discuss the products in more detail. The exhibit was extremely well received by the industry, with testimonials from trade journals worldwide.

Landa was acclaimed as the star of Drupa 2012.

GOODALLDesign – working with Landa to create a star

Ipex 2006

print city

  • client > Hewlett-Packard
  • location > national exhibition centre, birmingham
  • date > may 2006

Hewlett-Packard commissioned the Partners to undertake their largest exhibit yet with an area in excess of 3,000 square meters.

The exhibit was designed around a city square with a central feature of a plasma tile fountain depicting liquid ink. Around this feature were 4 major demonstrations, not only running live demonstrations, but also interactive plasma displays.

In addition to the central feature the stand contained a theatre for 200 people, demonstration rooms and a VIP lounge with full IT facilities.

The exhibit was the talk of the show and attracted thousands of visitors daily.

The theatre seated 200 invited visitors with 6 shows daily. Visitors were able to view all of the latest Hewlett-Packard equipment, but also experience a unique show with lasers, lighting, video and sound. On their departure from the theatre visitors were given personalised samples as a reminder of their experience.

Following the show guests were invited to the hospitality areas on the first floor.

IPEX was the best ever Graphic Arts experience HP made. Your creativity and ability to execute has been a tremendous asset
Francois Martin
WW Current Business Manager
This is the first time HP is actually exhibiting all the portfolio of the graphic arts space. There are over 35 products on this booth and 50 end-to-end solutions and partners.
Approximately 3,200 square meters. this is something very unique to us.
It’s a great booth, fantastic show!
Richard de Boissezon
WW Customer Business Development Manager
Graphic Business Solutions

GOODALLDesign - providing a full end to end service

drupa 1995

highlighting a green aesthetic

  • client > Xerox
  • location > messe, dusseldorf, surrey
  • date > may 1995

Goodall Design competed for the Xerox Verde ecology exhibit at Drupa, they were so impressed with our design we were given the option of designing their corporate stand for the same exhibition, or not producing the work.

With only 56 days to undertake the design and production of this exhibit, we agreed to carry out this work.

They were delighted with the result and the exhibit was complete well before opening.

The ground floor had a central feature denoting Xerox’s concern for the environment, displays, demonstrations of equipment and the reception. The upper floor was for hospitality, meetings and business centre.

GOODALLDesign - providing an exciting result even within tight timetables.

drupa 1995

digital printing to the world

  • client > Indigo
  • location > messe, dusseldorf
  • date > may 1995

Following the European launch of Indigo in Birmingham, the Goodall Design was asked to produce the worldwide launch at Drupa in Germany.

The exhibit was such a success that visitors were calling to book a place for one of the various daily performances three days in advance. Gangways were crowded throughout the show with visitors viewing the many demonstrations given along the sales arcades.

During the show the Indigo shares rose from 7 dollars to 30 on the American exchange.

Following the show the stand was awarded the Gold Award for the best exhibit in the world at the ‘International Exhibit Designer Symposium’ in Atlanta. Judges described the Indigo stand as ‘Superbly Implemented and Elegantly Detailed’

GOODALLDesign - always striving for gold

schoolboys exhibition

journey of a letter

  • client > royal mail
  • location > national exhibition centre, birmingham
  • dat > may 1997

When we were asked to produce an exhibit on the ‘Journey of a letter’ for the Royal Mail at the Schoolboys exhibition, we felt it was important that whilst the exhibit should be informative, it would also appeal to the young audience. We therefore obtained agreement from the client to have the minimum of copy and instead take the visitors along the journey of the letter. This involved being posted, franked, then passing through sorting rollers, a moving train and aircraft journey.

The exhibit was the talk of the show with queues throughout waiting to make the journey.

Not only was the stand given a design award, but was featured on the ‘Blue Peter’ BBC television programme. The presenter took the full journey giving Royal Mail a full four minute television slot.

GOODALLDesign – always different, always new

International bank

Luxury and more

  • client > Lloyds Bank
  • location > national exhibition centre

We were approach by Lloyds to be part of a team of consultants to design a new and exciting international bank at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham. We were asked to be the consultant to design a mural based on International Currency.

The team consisted of consultants to design the counters, lighting, seating, carpet etc., and preliminary layouts had been produced. The proposals were like any standard high street bank and most certainly not exciting and international, therefore in the ten days we were given to produce our mural we redesigned the bank; our design was accepted in total.

The finishes were white Pendelikon marble, Rio rosewood, stainless steel and glass, a coloured textured ceiling with pierced slots with projection Venini handmade glass tiles. The open discussion area had leather Gamma chairs from Germany. The entrance shutters were satin stainless steel, Lloyds was polished continuously onto the lathes and a large logo and name was engraved into the face.

The bank was opened by the directors of Lloyds, who were highly delighted with the finish.

GOODALLDesign – giving a new look to international banking

The Gift of the Earth

Light and movement

  • client > Abu Dhabi Oil Corporation
  • location > Abu Dhabi

ADNOC approached 28 design companies worldwide to select three companies to compete for the contract to produce an Oil Museum in Abu Dhabi; we were one of the companies short listed for this project.

From 28 companies, eight were shortlisted to attend an interview, our company was one of the three selected to put forward proposals.

We spent several weeks visiting Abu Dhabi and interviewing the 13 companies within the ADNOC corporation, taking briefings and obtaining the information required for us to prepare our designs.

The ADNOC oil industry is very strongly divided into two parts; Onshore and Offshore. We, therefore, divided the main hall into two sections, Onshore to one side and Offshore to the other, with a main general feature to the centre, highlighting the many features and growth of ADNOC over the last thirty years, this presentation was made with a large 3m talking head and multi screens around a large interactive map of Abu Dhabi.

Highlighted on the first floor were the 13 companies within the ADNOC corporation. VIPs could view the presentation from the gallery overlooking the feature below and listen to the presentation in various languages.

To the sides of the first floor were extensive libraries and a junior oil section, where young visitors could learn about oil, whilst enjoying the many interactive presentations.

At the rear was a display on the antiquities of oil, mapping the history of oil and the growth of the Abu Dhabi oil industry, lighting and effects were constantly changing to create a variety of times and periods.

landa 4 landa 5 landa 6 landa 7

The roof contained an oil related garden, canopies and a restaurant, where visitors could relax and enjoy the peaceful environment whilst overlooking the corniche and Arabian Sea below. They could also wander amongst the many oil related displays and planting. Behind the main display hall was a 360 degree theatre, below the theatre were restaurants, cafeterias and a gift shop.

It was the original intention to locate the museum in an industrial area close to the airport; it was our suggestion which was very readily accepted to locate the museum along the main corniche close to the clock tower; this would also allow ADNOC to bring VIP visitors to the museum from the seaward side, creating the feel of a water pageant.

The name of the museum was developed jointly between ADNOC and ourselves.

Our proposals were accepted, but sadly later due to problems with the BCCI Bank, 85% of projects were cancelled and our museum was one of them.

I would like to say what an exciting proposal you presented to ADNOC for their Oil Museum and how much I was looking forward to working with you on this project.
It is sad that due to circumstances out of our control this project has been cancelled and I hope the opportunity will arise where we can work together in the future.
Sammy Khoury
Dar al Handasah

GOODALLDesign – working with ADNOC to present its technology to the world.

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